About myself

Lovegrove Stage & Street Hypnosis dedicated to keeping you Laughing...


As the founder & performer of Lovegrove Stage & Street Hypnosis, I have been performing live hypnosis shows up and down the UK, including a regular yearly slot at Golden Sands Holiday Park (Rhyl) North Wales. Conservative clubs, labor clubs, Private parties, corporate events. a lot of my focus goes on weddings, I am very busy in the summer season, hypnosis shows are popular with weddings I believe its because they have a wonderful way of integrating two families together using the gift of laughter!  


I trained in London with Rory Z in 2012, I gained fantastic training which gave me the knowledge and skills to be proficient in hypnosis, not only was I able to hypnotize someone but also taught how to direct and manage a comedy hypnosis show.  Immediately after my training, I set up my own business, and now after performing well over 200 shows all over the UK I have established a very comfortable and extremely entertaining set of different routines adaptable for my audiences young and old. some of my skits involve getting participants playing imaginary instruments to talking & translating in an alien language, or having a group mounting their imaginary horses preparing to ride in the grand national race. We are only limited by our imaginations!

I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety issues, stop smoking, and weight loss. This gives me the benefits of having a bigger understanding of hypnosis and the mind which means all the volunteers are in professional safe hands!