We are Covid-19 SAFE


Covid-19 Safety Management Guide

& Risk Assessment:

 Lovegrove Stage & Street Hypnosis

(The performing name of Dylan Lovegrove)


Last reviewed & updated: March 2021


“The safety of the public, and anyone else attending, or connected with Lovegrove Stage & Street Hypnosis is the number one priority of the performer and his staff.”


Covid-19 Stage area safety set up


 Non-contact Comedy  Hypnosis  Show COVID-19  Compliance.

  Plan 1.  Participants in all shows will be issued  Nitrile non-powdered surgical gloves as they enter the stage or given hand sanitiser.  They  will  also  be  offered  surgical  style masks,

2.  Dylan  will  wear  gloves  at  all  times  when  in  contact  with  participants or keep sanitising his hands throughout the show and wear a  mask  when  in  a  6  foot  or  closer  distance  to  any  participants.

3.  All  non-disposable  props  and  chairs  touched  by  participants  will  be sanitized  before  and  after  each  performance.

4.  A  special  seating  arrangement  for  the  hypnosis  show  for  on  stage participants  will  allow  for  6  foot  distancing  between  and  around  all  chairs.

5.  Unless  absolutely  necessary  Dylan will  not  physically  touch  any participants  during  a  performance,  except  for  glove  to  glove  contact or immediate sanitation of hands has been done.

6.  Upon  leaving  the  stage  participants  will  be  asked  to  leave  gloves  and masks  in  a  receptacle  at  the  exit.


Special  COVID  Compliant  Seating  Chart  For Lovegrove Stage &Street

(C  =  chairs.  Chairs  will  be  staggered  in  a  V  formation  and   Positioned  with  6  ft  of  distance  between  and  behind  each  other)




               C            C            C              C              C              C             C             C              C             C                              C              C             C               C               C              C            C              C            C 




 (This  plan  was  developed  following  all  CDC  guidelines)