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Register your interest for my two-day stage hypnosis training course in October

Do you want to learn how to become a successful comedy stage hypnotist entertainer?

Have you had a taste of hypnosis, but want to take it to the next level? Or maybe you've already performed to an audience but feel you lack confidence. Or perhaps you're a hypno newbie and not sure where to start...

This two-day training course, which will be held in Addlestone, Surrey on 26 and 27 October, is for you!

What you will learn

  • How to promote yourself when starting out

  • How to build your business from the bottom up

  • How to book gigs confidently, and handle bookings online/ over the phone

  • How to approach venues, landlords, owners and management face to face

  • What to look for at a venue, including safety aspects

  • Understanding the legalities of hypnosis shows/ bookings

  • Drafting a contract

  • How to set up a stage show, and equipment needed

  • How to deal with crowds and techniques to gain rapport

  • Building your stage persona

  • Techniques to anchor confidence before shows

  • The importance of a great pre-talk

  • Effective instant/ rapid/ progressive inductions

  • Inductions, which ones to use and when!

  • Controlling your volunteers on stage (rules)

  • What to do if no-one volunteers, or no volunteers enter hypnosis! (Plan B)

  • How to handle small venues and audiences

  • How to work the volunteers on stage

  • Skits to use and when to use them

  • What to do when you're left with only two participants

  • How to handle the awkward characters! (drunks and hecklers)

  • Filming of shows, for safety and promotional use

  • Keeping yourself, your audience and your volunteers safe

Some background

Ten years ago, I was a enthusiastic wannabe comedy hypnotist entertainer, full of awesome aspirations and ideas, but with no experience or knowledge of where to actually start!

That’s why I’ve designed this course - to help individuals who are just starting on their own hypnotic journey of becoming a comedy stage hypnotist.

I’m sharing my years of experience so that my students can understand the challenges they will face, but more importantly, they will have a good plan of action to comfortably navigate these challenges.

The challenges I faced when first starting, and sometimes still even experience today, forced me to learn how to read the room, find new ways to better interact with the audience and gain rapport, and make sure I had a plan B ready in case I needed it!

All hypnotists starting out should aim for the stars, the big arenas, cruise ships, beautiful theatres with your own sound and lighting team! 100% yes! But the truth is, you will need to learn how to work the 'spit and sawdust' gigs first. To gain experience in this wonderful world of hypnosis, you must start at the bottom and hit a few 'educational walls'! This training course will prepare you fully for those walls!

We will teach you how to get from the training room to the stage, and all the pubs, clubs, events and holiday parks in between with confidence!

This course is 70% practical and 30% theory, and most of what we will cover will be hands on, so please be prepared to get stuck in!

Who is this course aimed at

This course is designed for individuals who have already started learning hypnosis and who understand the fundamentals of how hypnosis works. However, if you’re an enthusiastic newbie, and extremely eager to start learning stage hypnosis, I do offer online training that can bring you up to speed. Please contact me for further details.

Course details

Date: Saturday 26 October & Sunday 27 October 2024

Time: Both days start at 10am and finish at 6pm

Location: Jubilee High School, School Lane, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 1TE

Price: Early Bird Discount £225 (if booked before 31 July 2024); Standard Price £295

NB Price excludes accommodation. You will need to pay for this yourself. There is a Premier Inn in Addlestone.

How to register

To register your interest, please email me on or click here to RSVP via the event page. I will then get in touch to discuss the course with you in more detail.


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